Capsule Bed Information

Welcome to Brisbane Backpackers Resort’s capsule beds.. This page is for all information relating to ROOM G04 (Capsule beds room) and our property policies and information.

Our Policies are all agreed to when checking in to our property

Welcome to Brisbane Backpackers Resort (BBR). We wish each guest a safe and enjoyable stay while with us.

Our Policy:

·         BBR reserves the right to refuse entry or ask guests to leave if they present violent, anti-social behaviour, or at managers own discretion.

·         I am liable to pay for any damages to BBR or other guest’s property.

·         Smoking in rooms is prohibited for guest comfort. Should the fire alarm be triggered I agree to pay the cost associated with this (approximately $1300)

·         I understand that visitors are welcome in BBR and they must sign in when they first arrive. Visitors are only permitted in the public areas of the Hostel and any breaches may result in my being asked to leave the hostel.

·         BBR asks that all guests respect each other. This means that guests clean up after themselves to ensure other guests are able to use facilities and areas. Noise limits after 10pm are respected, not only for other guests but neighbors as well.

Capsule Bed controls:

Personal Safe – Default code will be 000E.

Once safe is open press the button on the back of the door to change code

Air Circulation –  This will bring outside air into the capsule bed.

Reading light – This is for the centre downlight in the middle of the capsule.

Mirror light – This is for the light behind the mirror.

Space light – This is for the lights around the downlight on ceiling.


Our Capsule beds will have TV’s soon!.

Turn on via button under monitor (right hand side)

Our TV’s in each capsule work off Chromecast and Internet. Each bed is

To start you will need to connect to the same network as the TV.

Information below:

1. Connect to ‘BBR Capsules’ and use the password: capsulelife

2. From here you can load most videos (youtube etc).

3. Press cast button  File:Chromecast cast button icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons

4. Choose your TV and this will allow you to cast from your phone to the TV Screen.

You can also download the ‘Google Home’ app

Choose your bed number

Cast the screen – this will copy your whole phone screen to the TV.

All sound for TV’s is to be played through the wired headphones which have disposable covers for cleanliness. TV’s are on full volume so you can control the volume through your phone.